There are daily – no rather moment by moment decisions we have to make in order to become the person you intend to be. For me, it comes down to choices as simple as: am I going to eat chocolate after my dinner or fruit. Can I make time to practice on the drums for at least 5-10 minutes? Do you want to fit in the workout today or not? Is it important enough for me to schedule a date night with my wife this week in order to connect? What about my children? How can I find quality time to spend with them?

These may seem like small and insignificant decisions, but each and every one of them sends you in a direction. The question is: Are your actions sending you in a direction you want to go?

We are all where we are in the world because of the choices we have made over the years. No doubt, there are certainly aspects of our lives that are out of our control: Where we’re born, who our parents are, the color of our eyes and even getting a disease such as cancer. We don’t choose these things, but we can certainly choose how we react to what has happened to us.

Only when we can take 100% responsibility for our lives and the choices we make in them, can stand up from the back of the bus and grab ahold of the steering wheel and direct our lives where we want to go and not feel like we’re a helpless passenger who must figure out how to navigate their next stop.