I’m always looking for ways to be the best version of myself I can be. I wonder to myself how the best of the best handle disappointment. It sounds trivial, as I would think the response would be, “get over it and move on,” but it’s not quite so easy for me in my real life.

The ‘less than the best of me’ has a desire to feed my ego and look for some kind of retribution for the pain I endured rather than just dropping the matter with no residual effect and move one.

Why? Ego? Maybe. Am I being selfish and childish? Probably.

Yeah. I am. No doubt.

And then I remember that I have the tools at my disposal to change my perspective in an instant by just imagining myself in a completely different situation/circumstance.

What if – heaven forbid – I was in a car accident and was in the hospital with major – even life-threatening injuries? And then I looked at this situation where I was “disappointed” with some outcome in my day? Would it really have the weight to it that I’m giving it now? No way! I would give anything to go back to the moment before the accident and shrug it off as ‘no big deal’ and move on with my life.

That’s instant perspective. If we have any capacity for imagination, we can get there. Right now if you choose.

I better do that. Right now.