I don’t want to be negative, but I’m not referring to the fun sense of the phrase.

I’m talking about indulging ourselves into the darkness of anger, resentment and fear which leads us to a path of . . . . rage.

This is an indulgence. To lose our temper. Fly off the handle. Feed our ego.

It’s not necessary. Things don’t get done any faster, better or more effectively when anger is thrown into the mix.

It’s taking a shortcut and a cop out so we can let ourselves off the hook and not have to be responsible for our actions. We have ourselves believe it’s because we’re passionate about what we’re doing. Because we care.

Well, even though we may feel there’s no consequences, there is. Maybe not right now. Not even tomorrow or next week, but there’s consequences. There always is. Even though we like to kid ourselves into believing otherwise.

When it’s all falling apart around us is exactly when we need to stay calm, stand strong and engage fully into the next moment.

No more. No less.