There was a time in my younger years when getting my hands into other people’s business was a big part of my life. It also spilled over into other interests as I entered college.

I went to school in New Mexico and landed there completely naive to the desert landscape, the cuisine, the culture as well as the popular hobby of hunting. As a young man with a large ego, I had a strong desire to place my heavy fingerprint in the world. I’m not proud to say, but it came at a cost of other living creatures and to myself.

Maybe it was due to the lack of development of my frontal lobe as a young male or some sort of deep teenage angst, nevertheless, it was a time where I just wasn’t able to live and let live.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t cruel in any way, but over the years my perspective changed and to this day I will catch a fly in my hand and set it free outside before I will choose to end it’s life.

No judgement. All good. Just saying, right now, I choose to live and let live.

That’s all.