I’m constantly fascinated and intrigued about people’s perspective when resolving problems. Especially the greatest minds in our history.

There is no doubt I could use help. It’s a skill just like anything else. If you’ve modeled a behavior that shows you frustration, panic and anger, more than likely you will have limited strategies to resolve your obstacle in your tool box.

On the other hand, if we can mentor and learn various strategies of not only how we arrive at problems and overcome them, but seeing the obstacle as an opportunity for growth and an awakening to wisdom, we may be a bit more welcoming to the whole idea. I know I would.

More than likely, someone in the history of mankind has gone through and resolved an issue we are going through. What did they do? How did they view the hurdle? I’m willing to bet it didn’t have a negative effect on their mindset.

In fact, I’m willing to bet it didn’t even break their stride. They probably look forward to them. Imagine that. Why? Because they can get beyond the problem to the solution and they have the foresight to know what person they are becoming.

With some effort, research and trial by fire, maybe I can get to that place. Maybe we all can.