To be totally honest, I’m not exactly sure what Living a Purpose-Driven Life means.

I’ve heard people say that having a farm using traditional methods is a way to do it. Others say, being the best version of yourself everyday is another form. And yet others say, being kind is also living a life of purpose.

Does it mean that every task I engage in throughout my day must have purpose? Or does it mean, don’t float through life taking, taking and taking with our only concern being: What’s in it for me? I’m not sure.

My instincts would tell me that doing something that will not only benefit us as well as others is a good place to start.

Is building custom cabinets for my clients a purpose-driven life? I don’t know. It doesn’t feel like it sometimes. And yet other times it does.

I would – as I think many others as well – would like to change the world for the better in a big way. End homelessness. Cure cancer. Or rid the world of poverty. But, maybe if we can start by individually engaging in an act that has meaning to us – that benefits our well-being – we might just find that it too helps others as well.

But what the hell do I know. I’m just a cabinet maker.