I’m not sure how to compare myself to others, but I feel like, as an average Joe – or Jim, I’ve been around death a bit more than the average bear.

Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles – some closer than others. In fact some very close. And even close friends. A few of those I was there with them bedside within hours of their transition.

For whatever reason, I’m okay with this. In fact, part of me feels like I belong there with them. Almost like I’m the right person for the job. I’m not frightened of what I should or shouldn’t say. It’s not awkward for me in any way and I think the people I’m with feel that. It’s actually very peaceful.

There’s no place to run or hide and from what I can tell, their ego has long since left the party. It’s never more evident to me during these moments what is important to these people; connection with others. It’s about LOVE.

It’s always about Love. Maybe that’s why I’m so comfortable with those moments. Because after we strip it all down and there is nothing left, all we have is Love. I can live with that. And die with it.