As a child I was always enamored by the pace with which my grandparents and Great Aunt and Uncle would go through their day. When you’re in your adolescence you typically went full throttle all day and night. Maybe this is why it fascinated me so. How could any human being possibly get anything accomplished at that speed?

While I spun my wheels, made mistakes and traveled down dead-ends, they were methodically and intentionally knocking out tasks, accomplishing and completing everything they set their sights on. And they did it at a tempo that made sense to them.

As a middle-aged man, their style makes so much more sense to me now. We tend to gather a bit more wisdom from all those wrong turns when we were young. From those experiences we gain wisdom and understand the tortoise is always the winner because he is consistently moving forward over the long haul. This, in turn, doesn’t even make it a close race.

The hare is left in a quandary as he catches his breath while staring off into the distance asking, “How?”