Maybe it would be beneficial for all of us to look at ourselves – mind, body and soul – as a wonderful garden filled with nutrient-rich soil with infinite potential to grow and manifest anything our imagination can create.

We certainly wouldn’t expect to grow wonderful vegetables or beautiful flowers in a depleted bed in which we haven’t spent the time making sure the soil is fit for planting. In addition, we don’t expect to come out to a bountiful harvest the day after planting.

We understand the deal we make with Mother Nature. We accept the fact we’ll have to water daily. We know weeds will creep in over time, but will remain steadfast in protecting our carrots from getting choked out and keep the rows clean of strays and unwanted volunteers. We’re happy to mix in the manure and other composting material to feed our garden in order to keep the beds well-stocked in nutrient-rich soil.

So, why then are we so mystified when our health is depleted – physically, emotionally or mentally – when we haven’t spent the time to Love ourselves enough to get enough rest? Or feed ourselves food that makes us stronger instead of weaker. Or remain in a toxic environment because we’re unable to summon up the courage to walk away from a relationship with someone that doesn’t inspire us to be the best version of ourselves.

Why would we expect anything different?

The answers are in the garden bed.