My wife went back to school recently after taking a 26 year sabbatical. The truth of the matter is we got pregnant after one year of marriage while she was getting her master’s degree. Eventually, she had to put her schooling on the back burner.

26 years and 4 children later, she responded to her calling and followed through (unbeknownst to me and our children) by applying to master programs’ in our area and was accepted to both.

She dove head first into the material and committed to the entire process: including the huge technological advances, online submittals and Zoom calls with other classmates. It was a completely unfamiliar world since the last time she stepped foot into a classroom.

In between pick-up’s after practice, grocery store run’s and making dinner for the family, she gave her best effort to her class not knowing what would transpire. I saw her give so much of herself late at night and into the weekends. She struggled and toiled over her papers and asked for help from our children in order to submit them on time.

Yesterday she received her grade the class; 99.4%

She discovered a bit more about herself because she took a chance. She wasn’t sure if she could.

She can. And she will again. And again.

What a wonderful gift to give yourself.