I recently spoke with a friend, who I’ve known for years, and he shared with me his struggles with some issues in his life in regards to his health.

He is better now, but had difficulty just getting out of bed, going to work or even being on vacation. He struggled for a couple of years before turning it around which I was happy to hear.

The one thing I couldn’t help but think was why he didn’t come to me for help. I feel like even though we don’t hang out daily, we’re close enough to have pretty authentic conversations with each other when we’re together. But nevertheless, when looking to discuss what he was going through, my name never came up. It’s all good, and I don’t hold it against him.

It just makes me think about whether others feel like I’m availible for them when they’re in need. That’s important to me for the ones I care about and I need to work on this.

We all need someone to lean on. I hope next time I can help.

How about you?