I can find myself getting frustrated when I tell my 15 year-old son something and his response is, “I know.”

And of course my reply is always the same; “If you know, then why didn’t you do it?” Or “Why did you do it, then?”

I can’t blame the kid. I’m a 55 year old man and I do the same thing. Why?

Because doing the right thing – whether that’s eating healthy foods, working out or making those phone calls to prospective clients is NOT FUN. It’s a grind. You’re working towards a future-based goal in which you won’t receive that instantaneous surge of dopamine like you do when on social media. That’s a fact.

But, what we have to understand is those brief shots of dopamine and extended hours glazed over while locked into our screens are empty promises in which a fulfilling life CANNOT be built upon. That’s no secret.

So, let’s find moments in our day to take one step up the grand staircase of intention towards meaningful goals in our lives.

That’s what I want to get addicted to.